Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's World-Wide Vegan Awareness Month

Did you know November happens to be the month devoted to vegan living? Well, for those of you wondering what a vegan is, let me start there first!

Veganism is a dietary practice in which one chooses to refrain from eating any foods of animal origin or byproducts due to personal or health beliefs. Foods such as milk, eggs, fish, turkey, beef and cheese are excluded from a vegan diet, as well as ketchup, honey and some sugars depending on their source.  Living a vegan lifestyle is possible and can be a nutritious meal plan when you focus on eating a variety and the right kinds of foods. However, Vitamin B12 is of concern since it is primarily derived from animal sources, so oftentimes vegan’s will supplement with a vitamin.

So, how does UC San Diego accommodate our vegan population? In addition to daily offerings in the Dining Units, we also have an entirely VEGAN restaurant located on Muir College known as ROOTS.

Roots was a labor of love that opened over 3 years ago to make sure all lifestyle diets here on campus had a place to call home. Our menu ranges from soups and salads to bergers and fries! We also have some crowd pleasing favorites like the Pacheco Pass, featured below. This is a mouthwatering take on a stacked enchilada, with cilantro rice, our in house “berger” mix, and chipotle soy crème layered between fresh corn tortillas. Plus, it’s garnished with delicious avocados!


So, if you weren't in the mood for the traditional Thanksgiving Meal today as featured in our main dining units, today head on over to Roots and indulge in the numerous choices that we have in store for you!

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