Monday, May 11, 2015

Sixth College’s Annual Chocolate Festival

Guest post by Megan Ewbank, Marketing Intern

Chocolate. Festival? I was SO in. And it was everything I could have hoped for and MORE. There was chocolate, games, and fun everywhere. The chocolate fountains were flowing in all of their glory, but what I didn’t expect was to try so many different chocolate flavors.

Many chocolate vendors were present at the festival, promoting chocolate products that were fair trade, high percentages of cacao, and pure dark chocolate. These are chocolate traits that I had never considered before! And of course, they had samples. And of course, they were delicious.  Not only was the festival delicious, it was educational!? Yes. Such yes.

I think about chocolate differently now because of this epic festival. Also, our Registered Dietitian, Elizabeth Shaw, opened my eyes to dark chocolate at her recent Superfoods and Superfads demo in the 64 Degrees Demo kitchen. Chocolate doesn’t have to be strictly indulgent. If you opt for a pure dark chocolate and pair it with some nuts, it can be a sweet and protein-filled snack! Liz showed us how to make a dark chocolate nut bark, and it was delicious!
It could satisfy your late night sweet tooth without feeling guilty (just refrain from eating the whole tray).  I have had some amazing chocolate-filled weeks recently, and I’m now a self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur.  So instead of opting for a traditional milk chocolate, why not search for different and purer forms of chocolate! Why not experiment a little?! Chances are the results will always be delicious!
Be sure to check out the Demonstration Station tomorrow at 64 Degrees at 12 noon! Elizabeth will be there ready to go and debunk those myths surrounding sugar!!