Friday, June 5, 2015

It's Crunch Time UC San Diego

It's inevitable; you work your butt off 9 weeks every quarter only to cram as much as you can in your beautiful brains right before finals, right?

Don't worry, I remember what that was like too. I think I dreaded the weekend prior to finals more than any other weekend throughout the year! But, the plus side was the blissful feeling of relief when the last test was taken and the path to Blacks Beach was in sight! WOW, if only today was next Friday and we could all indulge in some much needed R&R :).

Well, before we daydream to much, it's best we face the facts! This weekend we need to feel our best to make sure we soak up all those last equations, formulas, stats and whatever else you have on your plate next week. To do so, the most important step is to nourish your body right. Focusing on supply your body with immunity boosting foods (like oranges, spinach, mangoes and grapefruit) and a nice blend of protein and carbohydrates will keep your focus strong.

Come on, as great as it tastes going down, we all know that after finishing our second candy bar followed by the last two chips from the family size bag the only thing we want is our bed, right?!

To keep your hunger at bay and your brain power mighty, check out some of the Dietitian Approved snacks available at your HHD Markets across campus to fuel your body right!

Don't forget the Destress Brunch this Sunday too at your local Dining Unit... it's the perfect time to relax and soak up some much needed break time!

Good luck on finals UC San Diego and we will see you in the Fall! 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ice Cream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Hi there UC San Diego! As we gear up for the end of Spring Quarter, check out what the HDH Marketing Senior Intern, Megan, has to say about her experience with the 64 Degree Demonstration Station these past few months!

#TrueLife, I love the food!
By: Megan Ewbank

I’ve had an unbelievable time attending all of the UCSD HDH Tastebud’s demos. Yes, just like I said, I’ve attended ALL of them… Wouldn’t miss it for anything! (And neither should you!) Our Registered Dietitian Elizabeth Shaw makes nutrition seem A LOT less daunting. First, you don’t have to give up the food you love (French fries); second, that you don’t have to go to Whole Foods and but specialty health products; and third, that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making healthy meals.


Elizabeth knows her audience: hungry, busy, cheap, and tired college students. We need inexpensive meals, fast. This may be why we often turn to Kraft Mac n Cheese, Vallarta’s burritos from the drive-thru, and of course, pizza. However, the Demos at 64 Degrees have shown me that you can buy all the necessary nutritional ingredients easily from our neighborhood HDH Markets using your Dining Dollars, and that you can make deliciously healthy meals in less than the time it takes you to drive to McDonald’s.


The demos have been an amazing and DELICIOUS learning experience. It’s easy to eat healthy, and you don’t have to give up all your guilty pleasures: eat them in moderation, or put a healthy twist on them! During one of the demos we made chicken fingers, fries, and chocolate shakes—with a healthy twist. The whole meal was healthy and delicious, and completely satisfied the craving!


It’s been a pleasure attending the demos at the 64 Degrees Demo Kitchen.  I’ve learned so many cooking skills, delicious recipes, and nutrition facts that I will take with me as I graduate. I encourage you all to take advantage of these well-thought-out demos. You and your stomach won’t regret it.


And as proof that you don’t have to give up delicious things, join us for our last Super Foods v. Super Fads demo which Elizabeth will debunk the myth “Dairy is Dreadful” and hand out FREE ICE CREAM!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sixth College’s Annual Chocolate Festival

Guest post by Megan Ewbank, Marketing Intern

Chocolate. Festival? I was SO in. And it was everything I could have hoped for and MORE. There was chocolate, games, and fun everywhere. The chocolate fountains were flowing in all of their glory, but what I didn’t expect was to try so many different chocolate flavors.

Many chocolate vendors were present at the festival, promoting chocolate products that were fair trade, high percentages of cacao, and pure dark chocolate. These are chocolate traits that I had never considered before! And of course, they had samples. And of course, they were delicious.  Not only was the festival delicious, it was educational!? Yes. Such yes.

I think about chocolate differently now because of this epic festival. Also, our Registered Dietitian, Elizabeth Shaw, opened my eyes to dark chocolate at her recent Superfoods and Superfads demo in the 64 Degrees Demo kitchen. Chocolate doesn’t have to be strictly indulgent. If you opt for a pure dark chocolate and pair it with some nuts, it can be a sweet and protein-filled snack! Liz showed us how to make a dark chocolate nut bark, and it was delicious!
It could satisfy your late night sweet tooth without feeling guilty (just refrain from eating the whole tray).  I have had some amazing chocolate-filled weeks recently, and I’m now a self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur.  So instead of opting for a traditional milk chocolate, why not search for different and purer forms of chocolate! Why not experiment a little?! Chances are the results will always be delicious!
Be sure to check out the Demonstration Station tomorrow at 64 Degrees at 12 noon! Elizabeth will be there ready to go and debunk those myths surrounding sugar!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

6 Weeks and Counting!

TIME IS FLYING BYE! I am sure that's no surprise to you, but hang in there, you're almost in the final stretch.

I know how time consuming and stressful studying for midterms and finals can be, so let me let you in on a little secret... it's A-OKAY to take a break! Actually, studies show it improves your brain power and retention of the material to take some stress relief moments and unwind.

I can't think of a better way to unwind than enjoying great company with your friends, a fun cooking demo and free food! Sit back and relax while the Taste Buds show you a thing or two about healthy cooking and fun, unique skills in the kitchen.

Every Tuesday at 12PM your Registered Dietitian (aka me!!) is at the 64 Degree Demo Station ready to educate and empower you to make healthy food choices to fuel your brain for success! Megan, a regular at the Demo Station, says, "It's so much fun! Not only do I get to learn something FUN outside of the classrom, I get a bite to eat too!"

If you missed out on the Superfood series this past month, don't fret. The entire month of May is devoted to debunking those Superfads... like eggs are evil, or dairy is dreadful! Don't miss out on the fun and free food! Be sure to stop by and say hello, I'd love to see you.

In case you missed today, here's a few photos from the Berry Busting Antioxidant Demo! More fun to come!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Wanna party Saturday? Sign up for the Walk the Block Party!

Interested in helping out while having a blast?! Well, be sure to read on to find out Megan's 4-1-1 on this Saturday's Walk the Block Party!!

Prior to signing up for the Walk the Block Party, I didn’t know we had a Triton Food Pantry. Did you?  It opened on January 5, 2015 and is a resource to any student struggling with food insecurity. According to UC San Diego Undergraduate Community Survey, 20% of students said that they would skip meals to save money. With mandatory fees like housing, tuitions, and transportation, buying food may be placed on the back burner. But with the Triton Food Pantry, any UCSD student is able to pick up food items with their ID.  This ensures that no Tritons are going hungry.  

Like The Triton Food Pantry on Facebook:

Doesn’t The Triton Food Pantry awesome? Now here’s where you come in. Do you like dancing, walking, and getting free stuff?! (who doesn’t, really?) Well make sure to come out to UCSD HDH’s first annual Walk the Block Party this Saturday at 9am. Registration is FREE and you will receive free Walk the Block Party swag, get to dance and walk to live DJ’s, and continue the party after with vendors, free food, and games. AND it all benefits the Triton Food Pantry. On the registration, you can choose to donate dining dollars or cash. Why not have an awesome Saturday morning while helping out your fellow Tritons?! See you there!!  


Link for Registration:

Like Walk the Block on Facebook:
















Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cinnamon AKA Super-Spice :)

Don't fret if you missed the kick off event at the 64 Degrees Demonstration Station! I will be back and at it again next Tuesday at 12 noon to show you just how stellar NUTS truly are.

But, for those of you who are interested in why CINNAMON is such a superfood, here's the quick 4-1-1. Plus, I've even thrown in a few ideas to tantillize your taste buds and get you ready to experiment with the superspice this weekend!

The Benefits of Cinnamon

·         1 tsp = 6 calories

·         Source of calcium, fiber, and magnesium

·         Contains antioxidant flavonoids & essential oils with antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties

·         May stabilize blood sugar after consuming carbohydrates

Quick & Simple Taste Bud Approved Recipe Ideas


·         Sprinkle on oatmeal and top with fresh sliced banana

·         Make your own cinnamon granola or muffins (recipe provided today)

·         Top cottage cheese with cinnamon & sprinkle with chopped walnuts

Lunch & Dinner:

·         Roasted squash with cinnamon-butter

·         Try spicing up Short Ribs, Chicken Biryani or Lamb Tagine

·         Add a little kick to your Bolognese meat sauce!


·         Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (or nut of choice!)

·         0% Fat Greek Yogurt mixed with PB2 & a sprinkle of cinnamon, paired with apples

·         Graham Crackers (or crackers, toast or rice cakes) topped with PB2 or cottage cheese, sliced bananas and a sprinkle of cinnamon!

Have another suggestion on how to use the superspice? There's still time to submit recipes for the Foodie Contest from National Nutrition Month!

Feel free to comment here, post to Facebook or share on Instagram... we'd love to hear from you!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Welcome Back! Hello Spring!

Spring’s here at the Taste Buds are ready to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Are you ready to experience a hands on weekly cooking demo at the 64 Degrees Demo Station featuring SUPERFOODS vs SUPERFADS?

Well, be sure to grab your friends and come join your HDH Registered Dietitian, Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RD, as she debunks some of the most popular myths out there to give you the 411 on the food trends today!


Not sure if this is up your ally? Well, take a look at the experience your fellow peer Megan had at last month’s College Classic Demo… maybe you’ll change your mind!

 March Demo: The College Classics 

BY: Megan Ewbank

Hey guys! It’s Megan again here to update you on the Tastebud’s last demo. Still haven’t been?? Well, you NEED to go! They are always delicious, informative, and FUN!

March’s Demo was themed as a healthy twist on College Classics. This included a chocolate shake, fries, and chicken tenders! Yes… These are staples in college. BUT, the Tastebuds put a healthy twist on it showing us that we can enjoy the classics… without guilt! Don’t get me wrong, having some Clucks and Fries at Red Robin isn’t a crime… (it’s actually quite  delicious) BUT the Tastebuds showed us that our once indulgent meal can become a nutritious weeknight meal that you don’t have to feel bad about! (this is really great news).


First item on the menu was this AMAZING chocolate PB2 smoothie as substitute for a chocolate shake (usually about 600 calories, yikes!) But with this smoothie, you won’t miss those shakes from the drive thru! There are a few things that make this smoothie healthy and delicious. Instead of ice cream, we used frozen bananas! Instead of milk, vanilla almond milk makes this a drink that your lactose intolerant friends can enjoy, and chocolate PB2 gives the smoothie a delicious nutty and chocolaty flavor. AND this is good for you?! OH YEAH! 


Next were the baked chicken fingers and fries. We used brown rice flour to coat the chicken so the tenders are completely gluten-free! And both the chicken and fries were seasoned to perfection with spices like garlic powder, cayenne pepper, oregano, and pepper. They were flavorful and light because they were baked! AND we even got a healthy twist on condiments, because who can have fries without ranch?! The Tastebuds showed us an easy trick for ranch by mixing a ranch seasoning packet with Greek yogurt, Sooo easy and you definitely won’t miss your Hidden Valley!


In addition to all the great food we were able to have for lunch, the Tastebuds taught us all about nutrition and cooking skills! We learned some knife skills from Chef Josie that will definitely help me not slice my fingers off in the kitchen. And Dietician Elizabeth Shaw let us know all about what sugar and fats are okay and what you can do without. Also, she mentioned that coconut oil is actually high in fat and not the best oil to use for cooking. That was MIND BLOWING due to all the hype around it! And this was just one of the tips we learned at the demo!


Have you missed out on the demos in winter?! Don’t even worry, because the Tastebuds are BACK Spring Quarter every Tuesday from 12-1 pm at the 64 Degrees Demo Kitchen bringing YOU healthy demos with specific ingredients and themes! Don’t miss out!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle

March is National Nutrition Month (NNM) and your UCSD Dining Restaurants and Markets are going ALL out! Read on to learn how you can enter to win a Bistro Gift Card AND campus wide recognition of YOUR favorite healthy recipe!

To celebrate the National Nutrition Month, your HDH Taste Buds are running a full week of SPECIALS (March 9-13) in our Dining Restaurants. Plus, we’ve brought back the FOODIE Contest! Submit your favorite healthy recipe, utilizing foods you’ve picked up at the Markets via Facebook. Winners will be chosen at the end of the month and will have their recipe featured on a Market recipe card AND get a FREE Taste Bud entrée in one of our Dining Units!

Don’t forget to check out the daily menus on our mobile app or website ( to see which Taste Bud Approved menu items are featured for National Nutrition Month. Or, stop in on your way to class and grab a Dietitian Delight to kick start your day with a lean protein and whole grain.

If a Dining Restaurant special isn’t what you’re craving, you can still enjoy Bite into a Healthy Lifestyle at one of our Retail locations. For instance, head on over to Goody’s and build yourself a burrito bowl with lots of veggies and grilled chicken topped with Pico de Gallo to fit the Taste Bud criteria. You can Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle in many different way, so be sure to think outside the box and try something new!

Don’t forget March 17th… the Taste Bud Duo will be featuring a special Demonstration at 64 Degrees to highlight a healthy twist on college favorites! Ever wondered how you could make a delicious oven baked chicken strip, or herbed fries? This is your ticket to culinary heaven! Sign up here!!!

Interested in learning more about a particular topic? Feel free to email me at or follow HDH on twitter & check Facebook for upcoming events featuring the Taste Buds!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Don't Let the Flu Get to You

Hey there Tritons!

Sorry it’s been a week since I have posted here, that darn flu took me down! In an effort to help promote healthy habits to fight the flu, I have some words of wisdom from a fellow dietetic student here in San Diego. Check out what Austin has to say about combating the flu!

Austin's Advice:

Being students automatically makes us much more susceptible to illnesses due to our constant interactions with other people and busy schedules but it should not stop us from sleeping and eating healthy. Sleep is one of the most important things that we need to make sure we get enough of consistently in order to allow our bodies to recover and protect from bacteria and viruses going around. Naps can save lives! If you don’t get much sleep late at night, I recommend to try and get at least a good 30 minute to hour long power nap during the day to give your mind and body some rest and time to recharge. Something as simple as a little nap can make a huge difference when avoiding the flu that’s going around.

I have found some Superfoods that are not only tasty and easy to eat on the run but they work much better than flu medications! Plus, you can pick them all up on your Dining Dollars at your local neighborhood Market or Dining Unit.

1.      Walnuts: One little cup of walnuts has nearly 18 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber and lots of antioxidants which will not only fight off the flu but also keep you full when passing between classes. Throw some in a baggie and get to class!

2.      Spinach: There is a reason why Popeye was so big and energetic after eating it! There are large amounts of iron, calcium and antioxidants in the little green leafs also which help your body absorb and digest other vitamins and minerals while making you feel fantastic. Just stop into your local Dining Unit and pick up a Dietitian’s Delight Breakfast Sandwich, it’s packed with spinach to help keep you full for longer!

3.      Avocado: We live in California. Avocado tastes amazing and is very healthy for your heart and immune system so let’s take advantage of it! Half of an avocado has more than 4 grams of fiber with lots of potassium and zero cholesterol. Yes half. Avocados can be chopped up and eaten as a snack with some hummus or it can be used as a sandwich spread but either way it’s good for you and tastes even better.

Staying physically active can be one of the biggest determinants of becoming sick or not. Something as simple as taking the stairs to your car or up to the classroom rather than using the elevator will get the blood flowing. Sweating is another great way to detox your body and get rid of the bad toxins so I recommend going for a quick jog or doing something as simple as walking across campus do wonders for your body. Exercising whenever you have time allows your body to heal from the inside out and can keep you energized throughout the day.

Exercise, healthy eating, quick snacking and proper sleep patterns are some simple, yet extremely important factors that us as students must learn to incorporate into our daily routines to the best of our abilities. All of the above factors are clearly important to always be doing but the importance of them becomes much more critical when the San Diego Flu season comes around.

If you do get hit with the bug, don’t fret. All of our Markets are stocked with a Get Well Bundle package to get you the nutrition and feel good items from home you need!

Be sure to share how you’re FIGHT THE FLU and comment here or on the Taste Buds Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hang in there!

Happy Friday UC San Diego!

Now that we're a solid month into the New Year, I think it's prime time we get a little #inspiration back in our routines... right?! Today we're in luck for we have our 6th College wellness advocate, Michael, here to give us the 4-1-1 on sticking to our New Years Resolutions.

Do Not Give Up
By Michael Phan


Every New Year, many people come up with resolutions and goals for the year. I have heard lots of common fitness and health resolutions from eating a “clean” diet, wanting to lose X pounds/body fat, going to the gym X times a week, and working out multiple times. For the first week, the passion, the desire, and the determination are glistening in people’s eyes. However, after the first few weeks, the enthusiasm diminishes, people quit, and they regress to their old state. It’s happened to a lot of my family and friends. And every time I see this, it saddens me because the feeling that one attains when completing a goal is euphoric. Your goal is achievable if you just do not give up.

When planning my goals, I imagine a goal as a one mile walk. One cannot get from the start to finish in an instant. I need to take steps to reaching the finish line. Goals are achieved in steps, so plan out the process to reaching the goal. For example, if your goal is to lose 10 pounds this quarter, break it down into smaller pieces. Change the 10 lbs per quarter to 1 lb a week, so that you can assess your progress and make weekly adjustments. Some adjustments you can make are very simple, like adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet and moving more!
Achieving the goal is simple, if one breaks down the steps to achieving the goal. Simple does not mean easy. There will be plenty difficult day, but if you stick to your goal, assess your progress, and make adjustments; you will achieve the goal.

Excuses are the biggest hindrances to achieving your goal. Time, difficulty, genetics, and money are common excuses that one makes. Excuses are justifications of why one does not want to complete the goal. It makes one feel good immediately, but that feeling is short lived. Do not make excuses. If you really want to achieve your goal, then shoot for it. If you fall short of your goal, but still manage to make progress, then you are better than you were a couple weeks/months ago. Once you achieve that goal, you will be happier and feel a sense of pride in yourself. If you have a goal, achieve your goal. There is no better time to start living a healthy lifestyle than today. So put your New Year’s resolutions and goals in action! Best wishes to you all.
WELL said Michael! I couldn't agree with you more!!!
If you have any comments, feedback or want to learn more, feel free to email me directly at

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Did someone say cheese?!

Happy Thursday UC San Diego!

Today we have a special treat for you.... a guest post from a fellow UCSD student, Megan! Check out what she has to say about her latest experience at the 64 Degree Demonstration Station!!!

Hi I’m Megan. UCSD Student. Which often means busy, tired, and most of all, hungry.

For me, the live demonstration at 64 Degrees was perfect.  I attended The National Cheese Day Demo and felt like a VIP getting a personal show and insider cooking information! I loved learning cooking tips like different chopping techniques and flavor combinations from Executive Chef Vaughn Vargus. Meanwhile, Registered Dietician Elizabeth Shaw was constantly providing great nutrition facts and quick tips to make the dish healthier and more nutritious. I was extremely happy to hear from Elizabeth that softer cheeses are more nutritional. I will now eat only Brie for the rest of my days, BUT in moderation J (I learned that at the demo too!)

In addition to the valuable information I gained at the demo, Chef Vaughn and Elizabeth also ensured us that you can find all the ingredients for the healthy meal in our campus markets! This was exciting because as busy students, we often turn to quick yet unhealthy microwavable meals rather than cooking a nutritious meal. But knowing that we can access the ingredients for goat cheese and strawberry bruschetta, potato lasagna, and chopped salad with homemade dressing in our markets encourages me to easily walk to my neighborhood market and get all of these fresh ingredients to make a meal that I know is good for me.  

And last but not least, THE FOOD! The food was so delicious, and was a great treat to end the demo with. Not only did I feel full, I felt content knowing that I got in some healthy vegetables and proteins that kept me energized in my afternoon classes. This is definitely a meal I would make again, and a demo I would attend again. Thank you Tastebuds for an awesome time!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ready, set, let’s cook!

Attention UC San Diego! The time has finally come for Dining Services to unveil the Demonstration Station at 64 Degrees! Yours truly (aka your Registered Dietitian) and HDH’s Executive Chef Vaughn Vargus will be breaking in the new demonstration kitchen this coming week with the first LIVE demo of 2015!

Are you interested in learning how to prepare healthy and delicious meals?! Do you want to learn how you can use those dining dollars here on campus? Or, do you simply just LOVE TO EAT?!  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Demonstration Station is the spot for you!

Seats are filling up quickly and I would love to see your smiling face in one of them! Be sure to check out the link ( where you can see some of the events lined up for the quarter.

Next week we’ll be cookin’ up some Italian Classics in honor of National Cheese Day! Don’t miss out, the cheesy potato lasagna and freshly chopped salad are to die for!  

Interested in hosting a presentation at the Demonstration Station with the Taste Bud duo? Email us at and we would be happy to plan an event with you!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015… The Start of a GREAT Year

Happy New Year UC San Diego! I hope you had a wonderful break and are back with a rejuvenated spirit to conquer all that 2015 has in store. I just love the beginning of a new year… it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the year past and set goals for the year ahead.

I know, I know, 90% of goals set typically revolve around some sort of weight loss and lifestyle change, which is not necessarily a bad thing! But, let’s start out on a new foot this year and think of 3 goals you want to focus on this year: personal, educational, and ….?

Here, I’ll get things started!

1. Personally, I would LOVE to spend some quality time with my family. 2014 we were so wrapped up in being homeowners we let the little things go. I miss the little things!

                Goal: Relish in the moment… CARPE DIEM with the hubby!

2. Educationally, I would love to learn how to take some awesome photos! I recently bought a camera and am excited to learn what lighting works best for food photos!

                Goal: Learn to take a fantastic photo!

3. Healthy-fully!, I would like to take up yoga. I have always had this on my New Year’s List, and darn it it’s about time I get to it!

                Goal: Learn what child’s pose really is!

Phew, now I’ve put it out there, I better get to it! I’d love to hear yours too! What’s on your agenda.. 2015?

Feel free to comment here or post to Facebook! I may just have a sample or two to get you started! J