Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Welcome Back! Hello Spring!

Spring’s here at the Taste Buds are ready to ROCK YOUR WORLD! Are you ready to experience a hands on weekly cooking demo at the 64 Degrees Demo Station featuring SUPERFOODS vs SUPERFADS?

Well, be sure to grab your friends and come join your HDH Registered Dietitian, Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RD, as she debunks some of the most popular myths out there to give you the 411 on the food trends today!


Not sure if this is up your ally? Well, take a look at the experience your fellow peer Megan had at last month’s College Classic Demo… maybe you’ll change your mind!

 March Demo: The College Classics 

BY: Megan Ewbank

Hey guys! It’s Megan again here to update you on the Tastebud’s last demo. Still haven’t been?? Well, you NEED to go! They are always delicious, informative, and FUN!

March’s Demo was themed as a healthy twist on College Classics. This included a chocolate shake, fries, and chicken tenders! Yes… These are staples in college. BUT, the Tastebuds put a healthy twist on it showing us that we can enjoy the classics… without guilt! Don’t get me wrong, having some Clucks and Fries at Red Robin isn’t a crime… (it’s actually quite  delicious) BUT the Tastebuds showed us that our once indulgent meal can become a nutritious weeknight meal that you don’t have to feel bad about! (this is really great news).


First item on the menu was this AMAZING chocolate PB2 smoothie as substitute for a chocolate shake (usually about 600 calories, yikes!) But with this smoothie, you won’t miss those shakes from the drive thru! There are a few things that make this smoothie healthy and delicious. Instead of ice cream, we used frozen bananas! Instead of milk, vanilla almond milk makes this a drink that your lactose intolerant friends can enjoy, and chocolate PB2 gives the smoothie a delicious nutty and chocolaty flavor. AND this is good for you?! OH YEAH! 


Next were the baked chicken fingers and fries. We used brown rice flour to coat the chicken so the tenders are completely gluten-free! And both the chicken and fries were seasoned to perfection with spices like garlic powder, cayenne pepper, oregano, and pepper. They were flavorful and light because they were baked! AND we even got a healthy twist on condiments, because who can have fries without ranch?! The Tastebuds showed us an easy trick for ranch by mixing a ranch seasoning packet with Greek yogurt, Sooo easy and you definitely won’t miss your Hidden Valley!


In addition to all the great food we were able to have for lunch, the Tastebuds taught us all about nutrition and cooking skills! We learned some knife skills from Chef Josie that will definitely help me not slice my fingers off in the kitchen. And Dietician Elizabeth Shaw let us know all about what sugar and fats are okay and what you can do without. Also, she mentioned that coconut oil is actually high in fat and not the best oil to use for cooking. That was MIND BLOWING due to all the hype around it! And this was just one of the tips we learned at the demo!


Have you missed out on the demos in winter?! Don’t even worry, because the Tastebuds are BACK Spring Quarter every Tuesday from 12-1 pm at the 64 Degrees Demo Kitchen bringing YOU healthy demos with specific ingredients and themes! Don’t miss out!!