Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Next Stop: Eleanor Roosevelt College

As we continue on the quest for unique eats, our next stop is Eleanor Roosevelt College. Housed within the fifth college’s transfer and apartment dwellings are many fabulous finds, such as Café Ventanas, the fine dining Bistro restaurant, and the one-stop shop Village Market.

Café Ventanas is your local dining unit that serves up home-style classics like Macaroni & Cheese, made just the way you like. Choose three fillings from chicken, ham, meatballs, bacon, and sautéed vegetables served over warm macaroni and cheese sauce, topped with your choice of tortilla chips, cheese, or panko breadcrumbs. Remember—all food fits in moderation, so grab your roommate and head on over to Café Ventanas to create a masterpiece.
Mac 'n' Cheese Bowl
A unique dining experience awaits you at The Bistro. Its Pacific-rim inspired menu includes daily fresh sushi choices. New to the sushi world? Daniel and the Bistro team will happily recommend their favorites to you. Feast on their deliciously unique edamame hummus while you decide what to order.  In a rush? Call ahead and make a reservation.

Edamame Hummus & Wonton Chips
Looking for a night in? Stop into the Village and take a look around to see what suits your fancy. The Village supplies a wide variety of Boar’s Head deli meats and cheeses that would pair nicely with a bottle of 100% fruit juice J or would be perfect for hosting a Sunday football party. For something more traditional, the Village offers made-to-order pizzas after 4pm. A totally excellent party pleaser!

Boar's Head Deli Selection
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