Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Second Stop! Warren College

You may have heard me say before, “There is no good or bad food.  Healthy eating is about moderation and balance.” Well, I can’t think of a better way to do that than at Warren College, whose motto alone is “Toward a life in balance”.

Hidden in the hills of La Jolla, Warren College has an array of choices to satisfy just about any craving you may have!  Up late hitting the books (studying, of course J), or maybe it’s early in the morning and you need a protein packed option to start your day? Regardless of the reason, be sure to stop into Canyon Vista to create your own breakfast burrito from the grill! (http://hdh.ucsd.edu/canyonvista/) This powerhouse of a meal is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals and can easily fit into a balanced meal plan when you order with egg whites and top with an extra serving of Pico de Gallo.

Canyon Vista Breakfast Burrito
Looking for a sweet treat instead? Stop into Earl’s Market right above Canyon Vista and visit the barista station.  A friendly face will greet you with a smile and take your order.  Not sure what to get? Try one of the antioxidant packed Strawberry Banana smoothies.  Bee Banke, the store manager, will also be able to recommend a variety of other options available in the market to suit your particular need. (http://hdh.ucsd.edu/DiningHours/PlaceandMarket.aspx#earlsplace)


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