Friday, November 15, 2013

Baby It’s Cold Outside…

Have you walked outside today? Well, I suggest if you haven’t you head back inside and grab a coat! Although the weather indicates its 62* in La Jolla, that 4 mph wind chill will definitely have you thinking you’re on the East Coast.

When the weather turns so quickly from the 70* temperatures we felt yesterday, it makes me want to head inside and curl up under a blanket.  Anyone else feel this way?  It takes everything inside me to stick to my workout plan and stay active. One thing that truly helps is having an exercise partner. My trainer, aka husband, is an excellent motivator that gets me moving the moment I walk into our house to make sure I don’t get stuck in an anti-exercise rut.

Having lived in Chicago, we are pro on dominating the indoor exercises that can burn a ton of energy in a short period of time.  A few of the go-to activities we incorporate on those chilly San Diego days include:

·         Jillian Michaels Cardio Blast

o   It may sound a little corky but I tell you, she’ll make you use all of your body weight to burn fat and kick start your metabolism!

·         W.O.D. from

o   This is not your mama’s workout! These intense bouts of callisthenic exercises will increase your heart rate and make you wish you had a pile of snow to jump into!

·         Yoga

o   Whether you have a favorite DVD or You-Tube video you like to watch, a nice Yoga session can not only torch a ton of calories but also leave you with a sense of peace heading into the weekend.

Still not motivated? Not to worry, sometimes your body just needs a day off. I suggest heading over to Roots on Muir then to pick up a bowl of the Hot Kettle Chili to warm up and fill you with a great source of fiber and protein! Mindless munching… I think not! 

Remember, Roots is open until 8pm tonight ( and each dining location has a choice of two soups on a daily basis! Check out the soup of the day at the restaurants closest to you using the menu website ( or UCSD dining mobile app!

How do you stay active when the weather wrecks your plans? I would love to hear from you!

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