Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Healthy Holiday Motto Contest

Can you believe it? We have 27 days left until fall quarter officially comes to an end. That’s just a little less than 4 weeks to buckle down and get your holiday health in focus.

To kick off the countdown, today I will reveal the winner of our healthy holiday motto contest. A BIG thank you to all of you who participated with their great suggestions!  Because I am a firm believer in everything in moderation, I had a hard time deciding on the BEST choice. Rather than choose just one motto, I thought why not choose a theme and have a new motto posted each week?! Thus, the “Mod Squad” team was born.

For each of the remaining weeks, I will post a motto from our “Mod Squad” writers that focus on keeping your health and wellness at the forefront this holiday season.  I will also give suggestions on ways to indulge in holiday treats while beating the stress of finals without wrecking your diet.

So, to get us started please give it up for Ms. Baldeep from Warren.  Her motto is, “At last, the holidays are here!  Don't worry about weight this year; just eat in moderation, and you'll have nothing to fear."

What a great motto to get us rolling! A majority of us wait anxiously to indulge in foods that only come around during the holiday season. Rather than go in with an “all or nothing” approach, take Baldeep’s advice into consideration and remember the value of practicing proper control.

Here are a few examples of proper portion equivalents to keep in mind when you’re taking a look down the holiday table in the weeks to come:

·         Iphone = 3 oz meat

·         Tennis ball = 1 cup of cooked pasta, rice, vegetables or ice cream

·         Light bulb = ½ cup of mashed potatoes, stuffing or grain based side

·         Poker chip = 1 TBSP butter, dressing, or oil

·         Computer mouse = 1 small baked potato

·         Dental floss container = 1 oz chocolate

·         Sunglass Case = 1 slice of pie

Want to try out your portion control abilities? Check out our dining units this Thursday from 11-4PMto enjoy a delicious holiday feast with all the traditional fixins’!

Interested in learning more about a particular topic? Feel free to email me at tastebuds@ucsd.edu or follow HDH on twitter & check Facebook for upcoming events featuring the Taste Buds!


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