Friday, January 10, 2014


Happy Friday! Give yourself a pat on the pack, I know how hard it is to make it through the first week after a long break.

For those of you still thinking about how you want to “evolve” in 2014, I suggest you take some advice from a peer, Ms. Evelyn.  Evelyn is committed this year to “starting her quarter with a BANG!” 

Her plan I have to say is rather ingenious! She is spot on with focusing on her overall wellness, which includes:

·         Striving to get ahead on her studies while her workload is light

·         Making new friends through simply saying “hello” to a stranger

·         Rewarding herself when academic/personal/professional goals are met

·         Staying motivated to exercise & soak in sunny San Diego’s beautiful outdoor activities

·         Eating healthfully in moderation, not deprivation!

Not sure if you can tackle all this! Don’t worry, it’s about making small changes that will have a big impact over time. Focus on one thing you know you struggled with last quarter and improve it with baby steps.

Maybe you were up studying until the wee hours of morning for exams last fall? Get ahead of the game and start your notecards now! That will save you from the stress, anxiety and late night munchies you may have engaged in before!

Whatever area you may want to change this year, remember I am here for you and am happy to help out in making your New Year’s goal a success. Feel free to fill out the contact form to make an appointment directly with me!

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