Thursday, April 17, 2014

Say Cheese!

Everybody’s Favorite…Grilled Cheese

Happy National Grilled Cheese month! This timeless classic is an easy go-to for adults, teenagers, and children alike AND it’s conveniently found in all of our Dining Units at the Value4U price of $1.95.

Malik, Revelle College Resident Dean, happens to be a master Grilled Cheese creator.
Malik @ Work!
He recently placed third in the Grilled Cheese Invitational in Los Angeles, debuting the Godfather. It’s a blend of 10 Italian cheeses grilled to perfection with a garlic infused olive oil to crisp up the outer layers, with a hint of oregano and basil. His unique spin on the classic gives you 2 different flavors depending on which side of the sandwich is up…Garlic-ness or Cheesey-ness… you decide!

The Masterpiece is Complete!
I’m promoting grilled cheese because:

·         Cheese is a great source of protein, dietary fat, and calcium which are essential nutrients for every age group.

·         If made on whole wheat bread, it’s an easy way to increase your grain intake while also adding more fiber into your daily diet.

·         It’s versatile! Throw on some sliced tomatoes, apples, avocado, or even grilled kale and increase your vegetable intake while providing a slightly different flavor profile!

All of our Markets throughout campus offer a variety of fresh produce, whole grain breads, and spreads to get you in the spirit to create a Grilled Cheese that speaks to you. I want to hear from you on what your favorite combination is. Feel free to comment here, send an email to or post on our Facebook page.

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