Friday, December 6, 2013

Tip #2: Timing

 Hello UCSD! How are you holding up? I know how stressful the week before finals can be, so just try to take a deep breath and relax.  Next week will be over before you know it and then it’s holiday break time!

Let’s continue on our “healthy tips” for studying. Have you ever heard that you should eat every 3-4 hours to maintain a healthy metabolism? Well, here’s the 4-1-1 on it.
·         Eating every few hours allows you to be adequately nourished to fuel your body for whatever your day has in store for you. You need a certain amount of calories (aka your Basal Metabolic Rate to breathe, brush your teeth, walk to the bus, talk to a friend…etc.; basically everything you do requires energy!

·         Studying uses energy (aka calories). FANTASTIC, right? To make sure your body receives the right kinds of calories, it’s important to time your meals and snacks so that you’re constantly supplying energy to your brain. Aim to get the majority of your calories in during your waking hours (the time you are most alert).

·         Should you eat late at night if you’re up studying? This is a hard question to answer because it is unique for every person. If you tend to stay up actively cramming into the wee morning hours; then yes, you should be eating healthy snacks to fuel your brain (although I do encourage at least 6-8 hours of sleep).  On the other hand, if you stay up mindlessly munching attempting to stay alert; then no, you should give in to your slumber and hit the books when you are well rested!

Our dining units & markets across campus have a great variety of healthy snacks to choose from. I always tell my students to shoot for 2-3 food groups when choosing a snack. Some healthy snack ideas available at all the HDH Markets include:

·         Yogurt & Fresh Fruit –a GREAT balance of protein and antioxidants to keep you full and flu free

·         Whole Grain Crackers (or bread) & Hummus – full of energy bursting B vitamins to give you that extra push

·         Homemade Trail Mix ( -  an excellent source of fiber and nuts that helps keep  your holiday weight in check J

Sometimes you may just need a little splurge and THAT IS ABSOLUTELY OKAY! I suggest if you’re feeling something daring to check out the Sunday DE-STRESS brunch at the dining units on Sunday, 12/8 to let loose and give into a little chocolate craving.

Be sure to check Facebook & the blog next week to see where FREE SAMPLES of healthy finals snacks will be available from the RD to make sure you are well fed J

Interested in learning more about a particular topic? Feel free to email me at or follow HDH on twitter & check Facebook for upcoming events featuring the Taste Buds!

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