Monday, December 9, 2013

Tip #3: Plan Ahead

Tip #3- Plan Ahead


Happy Monday Folks! I hope you got some rest this weekend and perhaps even made it out to enjoy the INCREDIBLE brunch options at the dining units yesterday.  Check out some pictures of the beautiful chocolate fountain displays and wonderful assortment of fresh goodies for dipping.  (Hey, chocolate is an antioxidant!)

Cafe Ventanas Chocolate Fountain Display-De-Stress Brunch

I am sure many of you are now in CRUNCH MODE and don’t even have the slightest idea what or even when your next meal will be.  No worry if this is the case; you can easily find healthy & delicious meal choices when you visit any of the dining units or marketplaces.  However, we can’t provide them unless YOU come in!

I spoke with a few students anxiously awaiting the doors to open at Pines this morning before heading out to finals. I applauded them for their diligent planning to make sure they woke up in time to fuel their bodies.  Although my enthusiasm towards breakfast scared them a little, I believe they got my point once I told them I was their RD J

Nevertheless, these students recognized the importance of planning ahead. If you know you have a final that will extend into your regular meal times, PLAN AHEAD! Make sure to wake up or leave even just 10 minutes earlier to pop into the markets and grab a quick bite. The Market To Go pre-made sandwiches, wraps, and salads are excellent choices that are conveniently packaged to allow you to chow down on your walk to class.

Although in an ideal world I would LOVE to see you plan a longer period of mindful eating at one of our dining units, I know your time is tight. Just make sure to fuel your hunger before heading into the exam, because just like a car cannot run without gas, your body will not function without food J.

Be sure to check with your Res Life Offices to see where FREE SAMPLES (that’s right…FREE!) of healthy snacks will be distributed this week!

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