Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween UC San Diego

I know, I know; you’re adults and over the whole Halloween thing… right? Well, I for one am a child still at heart and love any holiday where you get an excuse to eat candy all day!!!

While “all day” may be stretching it a little, my point is you can surely find the right balance of treating yourself to a Halloween delight without breaking your nutrition bank for the day.

For instance, our Markets across campus are filled with satisfyingly sweet snacks that are not only delicious but nutritious. Check out my finds of the latest Taste Bud Approved sweet treats to pick up at your neighborhood Market this weekend.

Luna Bars are labeled as the nutrition bar for women, but they really are just a stellar nutrient packed snack that males and females alike can enjoy.  These are my top three flavors and are a great alternative to a candy bar between classes.

Maybe you prefer a little more salty than sweet? Well then my friends, you have to check out Annie’s Sweet & Salty popcorn mix, Back to Nature’s Sweet Potato Cinnamon Crackers or Somersaults Cinnamon Nuggets. With just the right balance of salty and sweet, you’ll satisfy that craving while getting a bit of fiber in at the same time!



For those of you who just can’t shake the craving for a decadent dessert, then opt for a Spooky Sprinkled Donut! These guys are a better option than the Pumpkin Cupcake or Muffin and when paired with a cup of milk actually provide you with a little bit of protein as well. Plus, it’s National Buy a Doughnut Day J.


Have a safe and healthy Halloween folks!

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