Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to eat healthy at UC San Diego

     Hi there UC San Diego! Congratulations on surviving your first official week back in the grind of the academic year.  I know how tough it can be to get adjusted after a long summer off, but rest assured these next 9 weeks will fly by in the blink of an eye.

    Before we get to far along into the fall quarter, I thought this would be the perfect time to address a big topic that definitely comes across the email inquries quite frequently, and that is "how to eat healthy while dining in college". Hopefully by now you have been able to get out and use the Dining Passport to try some of the delicious choices offered throughout campus; pizza, tacos, waffles, burritos, burgers, sandwiches, gyros, the list could go on and on.

    Although these are definitely delicious choices, some items may be higher in nutrients than you need to maintain a healthy weight. So the question then remains how does a college student indulge while avoiding gaining the freshman 15? Bring on the Taste Buds!

    Throughout campus all the HDH Dining Services operations offer a Taste Bud Approved menu choice that is not only nutritious but delicious! Dining's Executive Chef Vargus and myself, your HDH Registered Dietitian, have come up with a arsenal of menu choices that have the perfect balance of calories, fat, sodium, protein and fiber to keep your engines running while you conquer your days activities!

    Here's the list of what criteria Taste Bud Approved menu choices must meet:

       So, how can you identify these menu choices? Well, just take out that mobile phone and check out the UCSD Dining App. All location menus are available for you to view to see what options have the Taste Bud Approved logo (shown below) next to them.


       Can't seem to find what your looking for? Check out the "I'm craving" feature on the mobile app, or feel free to email me directly at and I would be happy to help you navigate your nutrition in our units!

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